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It Is Only Disenfranchisement When Democrats Lose An Election

Political Commentary

By Kevin L. Martin

Liberal Activists did not even wait for the polls to close in California's historical recall election of Governor Gray Davis before they were screaming about their voters being disenfranchised.

Liberal Activist and Democratic Party Operative Jesse Jackson wasted no time in charging that the Davis Campaign had received calls from over 30,000 California residents who Mr. Jackson claimed were being disenfranchised, could not find polling places, and that there were not enough polling place available in an appearance on Fox News's Hannity and Colmes.

Host Sean Hannity pressed Mr. Jackson on the fact that if Mr. Davis did, in fact, win this recall election, would Mr. Jackson and other activists move ahead with their threatened and promised lawsuits that claimed that mostly Democrat and minority voters were disfranchised because of punch card ballots. Mr. Jackson answered Mr. Hannity's question with a resounding "no."

You see it is only disenfranchisement when Democrats lose elections.

Those of us who have been truly disenfranchised know this all too well. You see I was disenfranchised in the 2000 General Election here in the state of Maryland due to a computer error when I signed up under "Motor Voter." But since Maryland went to Al Gore, there were no protests by the Maryland Based NAACP -- -- No Jesse Jackson and no Al Sharpton had led protests, and there was no U.S. Civil Right Commission investigation into the matter.

In the months following the 2000 General Election I was asked to do a segment by the producers of the Armstrong Williams Show. While waiting in the green room I had the chance to meet Congressmen James Clyburn (D-SC). I asked the Congressmen and Congressional Black Caucus Member this question: "If Al Gore had in fact carried his home-state of Tennessee or then President Clinton's home-state of Arkansas, and thus had won the required 271+ electoral votes, would the Congressional Black Caucus and allied groups have protested in Florida and demanded that Congress take up Voter Reform?" Congressmen Clyburn mused over my question for a few seconds and answered with a flat-out "no".

Liberal Democrat Activists and Operatives previously used fear to motivate and drive minorities to the polls for Democrat Candidates.

Remember the now famous and poisonous St-Louis broadcast Jesse Jackson Midterm Election Radio Spots of 1998 when he claimed, "That not voting Democrats means you let another church burn, let another brother get lynched and let another brother get shot." Nowhere in Mr. Jackson's ranting did offer up example of other political parties engaging in criminal actions against the black community.

Now we have this term "disfranchisement" which truthfully is a cover for Liberal Democrat Activist to seek thru the courts, with the help of like minded federal and state judges, what voters have denied them over and over again at the ballot box.

The ACLU went as far as to go to federal court and seek to strip away from the residents of California their State Constitutional Right to recall the governor on the claim that any recall election that required mostly minorities to use punch card ballots was disfranchisement to that community.

The ACLU's argument did not hold up before the full court. The California Recall Election was allowed to proceed. The recall proved that people can indeed vote correctly when they are educated on the issues and not coached by telemarketing firms and political activists who seek, with the help of friendly courts, to overturn and election and the will of the people of a state.

I call upon the producers of the Hannity and Colmes Show to turn over the video tape of Jackson's interview to the Department of Justice so that there be a full investigation to see if there was a coordinated effort by Jesse Jackson and Gray Davis to intimidate the legal voters of California during a statewide election with the threat of a lawsuit to follow any results that were not favorable for Mr. Davis.

Voters should not be made to feel that their legal vote will be overturned by a band of extremists who seek to steal from them the most basic right that all Americans enjoy. That is the right to vote. That is what this over-use term "Disfranchisement" allows groups like the ACLU, the NAACP, the National Action Network People for the American Way, Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH coalition, and those people who ally themselves with these fringe groups to do.

It is up to all Americans in every political party to ensure that the power to vote remains in the hands of people.


Kevin L. Martin is an Advisor and Member of Project 21. He has served as the former Government and Political Affairs Director to the African American Republicans Leadership Council. He has appeared as a political commentator on FOX News.
View a photo of Mr. Martin.

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Posted by Douglas Oliver on October 9, 2003 at 11:50 AM