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Top News Reports and NewsPundit's Prescient Commentary * on the News

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Experts Fear Spanish Election May Trigger More Terrorist Attacks !

Famous Spanish Civil War Painting: Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Spanish Election Guarantees Terror Attacks (Scroll Down)

Experts Fear Spanish Election May Trigger More Attacks

Biggest Bomb in Spain Exploded on Sunday

London Al Qaeda Link to Madrid Bombings

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Happy St. Patrick's Day !

Northern Ireland Leaders Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in D.C.

History Channel: About St. Patrick's Day

Kerry Faces Serious Challenges During Long Election Process:

45% Think Bush Will Win; Only 25% Pick Kerry

Poll: Kerry Would Be Choice of Terrorists

"Outraged 9-11 Victims" Tied to Kerry Campaign Directly

Poll: 82% View Terrorism as Biggest Threat to U.S.

Kerry Fails to Back Up "Foreign Endorsements"

Bush "Flip Flop Ads" Will Damage Kerry

Read Reports Here

Kerry's Vietnam Peace Protest History Ignites Voter Concern

Video Proves Kerry Lied About Vietnam War Interviews

Kerry No Hero in ex-Crewman's Eyes

Vietnam Vet Challenges Kerry to Come Clean

Vets Slam Kerry for Vietnam Atrocity Claims

A Vet Questions Kerry's Military Service

Read Reports Here

Breaking News Reports About Terrorism

New York, Washington D.C. and "Port Cities" Remain on High Alert

Northeast Intelligence Network Update

Recent Terror Alerts Posted on

Al Qaeda Warns U.S. Strike Coming Soon

Tenent Warns of Al Qaeda's "Spectacular Attack" Plans

CBS "60 Minutes:" Secret Iraqi Documents Prove al Qaeda Links

Top News Reports and Editorials of General Public Interest:

Suspect in Ohio Shootings Arrested in Los Vegas

Cover Up of Saddam's Bribes of U.N. Officials Unraveling

Gibson Breaks Hollywood's Ten Commandments

Justice Department Opens Probe of Shell Oil

France Bracing for New Islamist Attacks

Drug Resistant TB: "Super Strains" Spread Globally

Palestinian Boy Set Up as Unwitting Suicide Bomber

Poll: "Passion" Lessens Hostility Toward Jews

Jewish Actress Relishes "Passion" Role

Aristide Arrives in Jamaica, Haiti Incensed

Bush Speaks to Newly Elected Spanish Leader

Don't Flinch Against Terror Warns White House

Astronomers Find What May Be 10th Planet

Hollywood Rethinking Faith Films After "Passion"

North Korea Rattled by South Korean "Coup"

Al Qaeda Claims Train Bombing in Video Tape

Madrid Terror Bombing: 911 Days After 9-11

Spain Votes After Terror Attacks

Criticism of Bush Over Iraq War Cannot Stand

Jack Kelley: What's Going Right in Iraq

Iran Blocks U.N. Nuclear Inspectors

Theresa Threatens to Use Heinz Fortune in 2004 Race

Iraqis Bid Fond Farewell to Liberating Army Infantry

South Korea Impeaches its President

Basque Separatists Deny Responsibility for Train Bombings

Bombs Terrorize Madrid: Kill at Least 198

Al Qaeda Takes Credit and Warns U.S. Strike Coming Soon

Ex-Congressional Aide Charged with Spying for Iraq

Young Muslims to Blame for Canadian Anti-Jewish Attacks

Ten Bombs Kill 173 People on Madrid Train

Democratic Turn Out for Kerry Disappointing Despite Media Hype

Justice Ruth Bader Ginzberg Under Fire for Ethical Lapses

Kerry Nears Nomination with Wins in the South

Read Over 1,200 General News Reports and Editorials.

Read Great Editorials Opposing U.S. Middle East Policy.

Read Rare Positive Reports About Iraq and the Middle East.

"Outraged 9-11 Victims" Tied to Kerry Campaign Directly

Political Commentary

By Jason Smith

"September 11 Families Say Bush Campaign Treading on the Dead . . ."

So reads the headline. It makes one think that Bush has enraged every member of every family who lost someone on September 11. It gives the idea that Bush has crossed the line and disrespected the victims of our nation's tragedy. . . .

. . . then you read "the rest of the story."

The article has quotes from some women like Rita Lasar, who lost her brother. Rita says, "Ground Zero is a sacred site . . . find some other way to run a campaign without stepping on the bodies of our dead." In passing it mentions that Rita is a steering committee member of the group, September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.

Then another article quotes Colleen Kelly as saying, "It's absolutely inappropriate . . . There are certain memories and certain images that I consider sacred." Colleen Kelly leads the group, September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.

Now just reading these articles leaves the average person with the feeling that these women would have no political agenda, they're simply mourning victims of a national tragedy who are voicing their heartfelt, personal feelings in reaction to a few ads supporting President Bush in the Presidential campaign. But let's take a closer look: Read More

Internet Rumors on Bin Laden Capture Abound . . .

Source of Bin Laden Arrest Report Identified

U.K. Report: Bin Laden Arrested in Secret

Bin Laden Has Been Captured !

Saddam's Links to Qaeda Exposed !

Links to Over 150 Reports are Posted on

Reports Linking Iraq to Al Qaeda and Illegal WMD

"Smoking Gun:" Saddam's Ambassador to Al Qaeda

Saddam Caught on Terror Tape Paying Terrorists

"Iraqi Resistance:" Proof of Iraq's Links to Al Qaeda

Saddam, Iran, Osama Links in Detail

Detailed Report: Syria Hiding Iraq's WMD

Iraq's WMD Hidden in Three Syrian Cities

Hyjackers in Black Robes

Commentary on Constitutional Law and American Political Issues

By John Armor

How has homosexual "marriage" gone from a theory in the homosexual agenda to the performance of ceremonies of dubious legality in a number of jurisdictions on both coasts? It is notable that no such ceremonies have cropped up in fly-over country between the coasts. The source of all these is a single decision, by a 4 -3 vote, of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, the highest court in that state.

Admittedly, the problem is metastasizing because of the actions of mayors and city councils in other states. But without the example of the Massachusetts court I doubt that those local officials would have been emboldened to thumb their noses at the laws of their jurisdictions and authorize homosexual marriages elsewhere.

And though homosexual marriage is a large problem that reaches into all parts of the country, the underlying problem is much larger than that. First, why does a decision by a Massachusetts court present a national problem? That's due to the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the US Constitution, which requires all states to recognize the official acts of other states. And a marriage certificate from one state is clearly represents an official act, when that couple travels to another state. . . . Read More

Reports on Winter Flu, Bird Flu and Mad Cow Disease:

2004 Bird Flu Reports

WHO: Size of Bird Flu Outbreak Unprecedented

Eradication of Bird Flu Virus May Be Impossible

Bird Flu Keeps Spreading and Killing

Bird Flu Linked to 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

Bird Flu Jumps to Exotic Species

Bird Flu Infects Humans Fast, Kills Quickly

Bird Flu Surfaces in Delaware

Warning Issued for Human Transmission of Bird Flu

2003 Winter Flu Reports

U.S. "Flu Watch" Tracking Web Site

Read Flu Reports Here

Reports on Mad Cow Disease in the U.S.

Scientists Find New Form of Mad Cow Disease

USDA Suspected of Hiding Mad Cow Cases

Detailed Letter of Protest of USDA Policies

More Mad Cow Reports Posted Here

My New Business: "Some Of My Best Friends Are Black"

Political Commentary

By Kevin L. Martin

I had some very interesting thoughts in the days after watching the exchange between Reverend Al Sharpton and Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean at the Black and Brown Debate in Iowa.

Sharpton called out Dean on the lack of Blacks and Hispanics in his cabinet during his 12 years as governor, and Dean had to admit that the charge was true. Just as true as was former President Bill Clinton's lack of minorities in his inner cabinet.

Dean and his handlers sought to downplay the impact of Sharpton's words the following day with Dean using the standard white liberal quote, "Some of my best friends are black." With Dean's words ringing my ears, my thoughts lead me to wonder if I should start a new business called "Some of my best friends are black." Read More

Space Weather, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Red Planet Influences

Ecuador Volcano Rumbles to Life

New February Earthquake Predictions (Scroll Down)

Indian Mystics Predict More Earthquakes Because of Mars

Global Map: Real Time Seismic Monitor

Time to Cast a Worried Eye at Yellowstone

Super Volcano Under Yellowstone Getting Ready to Blow?

Precursor to Explosion: Dome Gets Bigger in Yellowstone Lake?

Geologists Monitor a Huge Bulge at Yellowstone Lake

Read More Reports On Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Space Weather.

Is it Time for Bush to Consider Picking a New Veep?

Political Commentary

By Douglas Oliver

In the past week, Condoleezza Rice has been subjected to very unusual attacks in the national media. Some pundits have reported she may even be forced out by President George W. Bush because of the flap arising from his use of those "16 little words" in his State of the Union Speech. U.S. News reported on July 28th that some advisors are urging that she be allowed to resign. Of course, that Washington insider report waffled and made it clear that the rumors were not coming from White House sources.

I want to go on the record early and express my personal support for Dr. Rice. She is being attacked viciously and without good reason in my view. However, there are other reasons for these attacks. I state my opinions about what may have motivated them in detail below. But let me make my position crystal clear:

I believe "Condi" Rice would make a great Vice Presidential candidate to run with President Bush in 2004. . . Read More Special Report on Sex Slavery:

Sex Slavery is Big Business in Europe

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