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We provide a link to a NOAA Weather Radar site below.

Look very closely.

There is a strange "Red Flash" coming from the West that hit the New York Power Grid. This "Red Flash" hit immediately before the power outage occurs. You can see this with your own eyes. Was this the signature of Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapon (EMP)?

There were no rainstorms in the area and no lighting strikes were reported at the time of the power outage. We do not know whether the link will still show what happened after August 15th.

A reader of sent us an email suggesting that a second "Red Flash" appeared to have originated from the Long Island Sound. We did not notice that second image when we first posted this link. It is perhaps significant that in the current radar image - - there are no "Red Flashes" seen at all. Looks like it is not a reflection of a radar search pattern. If anyone knows about radar images, please contact us at the email posted on the web site.

Notice: The radar image was changed early the morning August 15th. The strange "Red Flash" was deleted and the image was altered. However, we were able to find a link that preserved the original radar image.

Click on the "Restored Radar Image" below:

Did A EMP Pulse Weapon Cause Massive Power Outage?

Restored Radar Image Located August 16th.

Current Radar Image

EMP Weapons Explained takes no position one way or the other. We are simply reporting the news and we anticipate that many rumors about EMP weapons will be spreading on the Internet tomorrow.

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We checked the link at 8:01 AM and determined that the radar image was changed.
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Posted by Douglas Oliver on August 15, 2003 at 3:00 AM
Updated on August 15th at 8:48 AM
Updated again on August 16th 9:13 PM

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