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Search Engine Optmization

NewsPundit's Worldwide Business and Marketing Research Site

The "Number One" -- Most Fundamental and Essential Question --

We pose here the ultimate question for all Webmasters:

"How to attract visitors to your web site and keep their attention longer than a mere 60 seconds?"

Because that is all the time you will have to get your message across. That essential problem is fundamental, whether usage is at home or in an office environment. Internet users are impatient, and focused upon immediate gratification. How well you solve this nagging problem will have significant impact on your corporate bottom line.

Proof for the 60 second time limitation is provided below.

For Answers to the first part of the question: "How to attract visitors to your web site ?"

News provides information on registering your web site with search engines and making use of Safe Lists (i.e. spam-free bulk Email) to encourage more visitors:

About the Search Engines:

You may register your web page for free with more than 1,500 search engines on the web site shown below. Scroll down for the magic words "Submit Free Webpages." There are links for quick and easy submission to all the major search engines with one click. You may also submit your site by country, by state, and by worldwide listings:

Search Engines Worldwide

About the all important "META TAGS:"

All search engines require Meta Tags. Meta Tags are special HTML source code that search engines like Google require to list your web page. Designing Meta Tags is Marketing Function rather than a web site design function. Most web sight designers do not understand how to create Magic Words that will attract visitors to a web site. They know how to make wonderful gateway pages that dazzle they eye, but they do not know how to attract "hits" via the Search Engines.

Converting "hits" into true visitors is a more daunting challenge.

The Meta Tags for were designed to attract visitors from a world wide audience. We must be good at Meta Tag research and marketing, because we have visitors surfing in from 58 countries. Our April statistics show our Meta Tags must be working, because this site was not listed with the major search engines until March 12, 2003.

About "Push-Marketing" and "Safe Lists:"

Using Safe Lists is an established Guerilla Marketing tactic. Safe List Email is not considered spam because people volunteer to receive solicitations from other Safe List members. Some providers of this service claim to send out two million or more Emails each day under strict operative guidelines. Some providers may actually send out as many as '30 million' or more solicitation letters each month.

Using these services may be an inexpensive way to build an Internet business. Many of these companies provide * FREE access so you may test how well their service works.

"The Informer" Has 'Ratings' by Users of 250 Safe Lists and Many are Free *
"All My Lists" Has a List of Fee Based Safe Lists Reaching 'Millions of Members' *

Statistics proving a 60 second time limitation for web site visitors:

The average activity for a Web user in January 2003, as reported by

Nielsen//NetRatings Inc.

Average Internet Usage, January 2003
at Home, U.S.
Number of Sessions per Month 24
Number of Unique Sites Visited 53
Time Spent per Month 13: 17: 47
Time Spent During Surfing Session 33: 13
Duration of a Page viewed 00: 57
Active Internet Universe 110,938,313
Current Internet Universe Estimate 172,062,014
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, January 2003

The reported Internet usage estimates are based on a sample of households that have access to the Internet and use any of these platforms: Windows 95/98/NT and Mac OS 8 or higher.

Average Internet Usage, January 2003
at Work, U.S.
Number of Sessions per Month 55
Number of Unique Sites Visited 98
Time Spent per Month 31: 06: 53
Time Spent During Surfing Session 33: 49
Duration of a Page viewed 00: 60
Active Internet Universe 43,830,491
Current Internet Universe Estimate 47,831,064
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, January 2003

The reported Internet usage estimates are based on a sample of at-work users that have access to the Internet. Compare the current usage for to the 60 second Internet average set forth above.

Our Web Site Statistics:

First-time visitors to spend an average of 245 seconds on their initial page view. Then almost all of of them stay logged on to view other pages for another average of 190 seconds. Many visitors to this web site are spending over 35 minutes here reading reports, exploring our international news links and using our language translation links.

Most people are becoming regular readers who come back again and again. We have people from 58 different countries logging on every day and our international readership is growing rapidly. The average amount of time spent by first-time visitors is currently in excess of six and one-half minutes. Over two-thirds of our readers (67%) visit us during their work day. Each day we have as many as 10,000 visitors that log onto this web site for our news reports and commentary.

You may contact me directly by Email to obtain suggestions on how to attract more visitors with Meta Tags or how to stimulate your visitors to interact more fully on your web site.

Many simple "Marketing Questions" may be addressed without charge by Email.

Or you may use our research page here for free. The answer to the ultimate question posed above, and multiple variations thereof, may be found on this Business Research Site.

Listed here are some of our Top Web Picks for international and domestic business research. The business research section on this site is under construction and will be expanded gradually as time allows.

Our goal is to ultimately identify and list most of the Top 2% business research sites on the Web. The academic sites listed below have links to other business schools, Web resources, and business journals of all types.

Over 850 Business Research Sites
may be put to profitable application or practical use by this NewsPundit Guide. We have also included major U.S. and global links for international trade statistics. Some Universities and Biz Research Sites have posted reciprocal links to this web site. We have noted this relationship: *

You may also access BRINT, a free IT business and economics Search Engine, providing access to virtually everything on the Web. However, if you perform a deep search you may not be able to return. For best results, please save or "book mark" this business research page.

If you are not registered for BRINT, see the link in the left column under Professional Biz Research.

You May Access BRINT Here:
[@BRINT Research]
Business & Technology Research: Search Options or Table of Contents
Best Business Research Top Picks from the Web:

London University's MBA Research "Best of Biz" Links

The Multex Guide's Business Profiles on 10,000 Companies

Biz Miner: Access Over 900,000 Marketing Reports American Demographics

Tilburg University's (Netherlands) International List of Marketing Magazines

Target Marketing On Line -- For Marketing Pros

Chain Store Age: For Retail Executives

* makes no claims or representations concerning any of the "Safe Lists" that may be found or accessed by our links. No guarantees or warranties express or implied of any type are made and none should be inferred. The links and other information are posted here only as a public service. We receive no referral fees or commissions or consideration from "Safe Lists" of any type or any nature whatsoever. In our experience, a few "Safe List" providers are operating in a very "fast and loose" manner. A few may be engaged in fraudulent business practices. If you are unhappy with the service you receive, we suggest you contact the companies and billing agencies directly and request an immediate full refund of any paid fees.


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