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The German Government Knows Iraq Has Biological Weapons
By Douglas Oliver

This evening we learned that a major German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, had reported the German Government Knows Iraq Has Biological Weapons. What is more disturbing, is that Herr Schroeder may have covered up this information while he was playing for time on Iraq's behalf.

The headline may be interpreted to read "Biological Terrorism: Danger Hushed Up."

You might try experimenting with the German to English automatic translators above. I prefer the Google option, but we have given you three choices. One interpretation of an excerpt from this article is floating around on the web and is set forth in part below:

*** "The Federal Government has apparently concealed information that Iraq possesses biological weapons of mass destruction and is threatening Germany with them.

In a government document dated August 9 of last year, which this newspaper has in its possession, it was warned that in attacks using smallpox agents, in which up to 25 million Germans could fall victim, there was not sufficient vaccine available. Not publicizing the document has fueled suspicion that the Red-Green coalition hushed up the actual threat by Iraq a few weeks before federal elections and that it is still not informing the public completely about the extent of the threat." ***

It looks to me like Herr Schroeder has some " ... 'splaining to do."

Posted on February 18, 2003 at 8:43 PM                                                      

Chemical and Biological Weapons Circle Bagdad
By Douglas Oliver

According to a Reuters News report a former top scientist for Iraq believes that Saddam has hidden his chemical and biological weapons (CBW). Dr. Hussain Al Shahristani contends that Saddam's CBW are buried deep underground in well fortified tunnels, and the the illegal weapons are impossible to locate with more United Nations inspections.

Dr. Al Shahristani scientist claims that Saddam has constructed a "Circle of Chemical and Biological Weapons" around Bagdad and has Planned a Terrible Doomsday for the Iraqi People:

I have been predicting this very real threat as a possible scenario for several weeks now. This may be one secret motivation behind Saddam's Qur'an scriptures, reportedly written in his own blood. Saddam may be intending to die a martyr's death -- while cleverly setting up the Bush Administration for terrible consequences. This "Martyr's Death Scenario" would be a classic Saddam Hussein ploy. Arranging for third parties to take the blame would appeal to the Iraqi leader, especially if it triggers spreading violence and war in the Middle East.

The Bush administration must begin voicing its concerns about this as a possible Iraq War scenario immediately.

Posted on February 18, 2003 at 3:45 PM                                                      

Iraq stands in violation of ... How many U.N. resolutions ... 16 or 17 or 18... ?
By Douglas Oliver

The United Nations joined the U.S. and the U.K. today to demand that Iraq must answer questions about its nuclear, chemical, biological and long-range missile programs. It is about time. A person with normal sensibilities just cannot keep up with Saddam's repeated lies and disingenuous evasions.

From the report on Fox News cited above we learned that:

*** "A U.S. official in Washington said a new resolution that would give a green light to use military force was expected to be presented to the Security Council on Monday ... A British diplomat at the United Nations said the resolution was expected early next week ***

In his report to the council Friday, [Hans] Blix said Iraq had presented a list of 83 participants 'in the unilateral destruction in the chemical field, which took place in the summer of 1991.' He asked Iraq for a similar list of people who took part in the destruction of other banned items, especially in the biological field ***

*** Iraq is still not cooperating "on substance," though it was allowing surveillance flights and had turned over new lists of people who might be interviewed *** 'What we need ... is voluntary disarmament' *** 'We know what it is when a country intends to disarm and comes to use the instrument of inspectors to disarm. That is not happening.' ***

'They continue to deceive, deny, and obstruct. We still want to know: Where is the 26,000 liters of anthrax? Where is the VX? Where are the missiles?' ***

*** Iraq was also not cooperating in arranging private U.N. interviews with Iraqi scientists, a violation of the last U.N. resolution *** The only three scientists interviewed privately by inspectors were recommended by the Iraqis, but not a single scientist recommended by U.N. inspectors had agreed to a private interview ***

So out of 83 scientists, not one has come forward for a private interview. There are no mysteries or surprises in this 'shocking' turn of events. This result was completely foreseeable. Iraq's scientists are operating under a formal declaration of a Death Sentence for high treason if they ever seriously considered cooperation. Death sentences in Iraq, however, are not carried out by lethal injection. Iraqi scientists live in fear for the safety of their families, and especially their children. Wives, children, brothers, mothers, sisters, father and cousins -- all would be tortured to death by Saddam -- in the most brutal fashion imaginable.

Readers of this site already know that Saddam is playing a game of hide and seek with the U.N. inspectors. It is blatant and reckless conduct by a ruthless dictator who must surely know and understand his game playing will end in disaster for Iraq.

More to come ...

Posted on February 20, 2003 at 9:10 PM                                                      

Saddam Will Use Chemical and Biological Weapons on Iraqi People
By Douglas Oliver

Just as I predicted on February 18th (see above), the Pentagon fears the worst case scenario.

In a major investigative report USA Today published this morning, they predict:

*** "There is a 100% chance [Saddam] will try to use chemical and biological agents," Peters says. "And the sad thing is, he will try to blame it on us and there is a substantial portion of the Arab and Muslim world who will buy into that. ***"

At least the White House is starting to raise the "Doomsday Scenario" into public focus now. It seems that the Bush administration is realizing they need to come forward with what they know about Saddam's secret agenda.

The article in USA Today also points out that the War on Iraq will involve total stealth, rapid strikes and top secret weapons. It will be a totally new type of war.

*** " [T]he lights will go out — literally — for military commanders and Saddam's security forces, whose radios, telephones and computers will be zapped by powerful new weapons known as "e-bombs." These bombs use electromagnetic energy to generate crippling power surges.

What follows the barrage of several thousand smart weapons will be the kind of war the United States has never fought on this scale before: a rapid, violent invasion whose main goals aren't to seize territory or destroy a large army. Instead, if all goes according to plan, U.S. forces will kill or capture Saddam and anyone keeping him in power, while leaving Iraq's regular military, its civilians and most cities and towns untouched. If it works, it will be the model for U.S. wars to pre-empt terrorist threats for decades to come ***"

Let us hope and pray that these new strategies prevail against Saddam quickly.

Posted on February 21, 2003 at 8:59 AM                                                      


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